Wednesday, December 16, 2009

24 before 25

I got the idea to make a list of goals, when Elsie posted on her blog after her birthday. Her post was goals, dreams and silly to-do list... and she wrote 27 goals to accomplish before she turned 28. Ever since then I have slowly been writing 24 goals to accomplish before I turn 25. I have less than 9 months to accomplish these goals instead of a year, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. I guess they could also be considered resolutions for 2010. So here is my list of goals, dreams and silly to-dos before I turn 25.

1 open an etsy shop *12.4.09
2 develop fashion style: take weekly pictures
3 get out of credit card debt
4 get a job/figure out career
5 learn a song on the guitar

6 make a dress
7 downsize possessions *Nov&Dec 09
8 read the remaining karen kingsbury books
9 blog 3x/wk
10 learn the hoedown throwdown

11 visit jenny & my seattle girls
12 catch up on photo albums
13 learn how to cook better: make 1-2meals/wk
14 volunteer at church
15 re-read twilight series

16 develop quiet time/bible study
17 do a photoshoot with ashlee
18 make a dress with victoria secret bags
19 re-read francine rivers lineage series
20 be able to RUN a mile

21 re-read narnia series
22 crochet an alien and a monkey
23 begin crocheting a patchwork throw
24 paint a picture

source: Elsie

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  1. you're gonna have to help me think of stuff cuz now i wanna do a list too. but after i finish this stupid semester.