Tuesday, November 17, 2009

california lovin'

This is one last post about things I love and will miss in California. Enjoy!

Hollywood Nights
We have had some pretty epic nights in Hollywood. I love dressing up with the girls and going to Hollywood for dinner, a concert or to see the stars on the walk of fame by the Kodak theater and Graumans.

I love all the shows we are able to attend here! There is always a great musician in town. Just a few of the bands we've had the opportunity to see: Barcelona (too many times to count!!!), She&Him, Ashley Tisdale, Mitchell Musso, Miley Cyrus, HoneyHoney, Lenka, Owl City (twice!), Relient K, This World Fair, Mae, RunnerRunner, Frank&Derol, Billy Ray Cyrus. I'm going to miss dressing up with my girls for fun nights out.

The Troubadour
This is my FAVORITE venue in West Hollywood. So many of the shows that we went to were at the Troubadour.

The Grove
This is a fun shopping center in Los Angeles. In the summer they had free outdoor concerts and we were able to see Ashley Tisdale, Mitchell Musso and Miley Cyrus.

Griffith Observatory
I think this might be my favorite place in Los Angeles! I love the view overlooking the city and that the Hollywood sign is so close.

Road trips
One great thing about living here is that we are close to so many great places! During our time here we were able to take an afternoon/evening trip to San Diego to see a Barcelona show. In January, Ashlee, Jenny and I took an overnight trip to Vegas to celebrate Jenny's birthday. In July, we went on a weekend getaway to Palm Springs. In August, we met up with some of the Seattle girls for a girls' weekend in Vegas.

Random celebrity sightings
During my time here I have seen a handful of celebrities, such as, Dr. Phil, Robin McGraw, Amy Adams, Debby Ryan, Tiffany Thornton, Andrea Lewis, Adam Wylie, Perez Hilton, Nicole Anderson and Chelsea Staub.

We have gotten to do and see so much during our time here. I loved the hikes we would go on and the time we went to Hollywood to see the red carpet at the Oscars.

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