Monday, November 16, 2009

california foood!

In previous posts I have written about places and things I will miss about California when I move back to Idaho. In looking at my list I discovered many of the places I would miss were restaurants. Lol! So this post is dedicated to all the food I will miss.

Taco Factory
We discovered this restaurant when we arrived in Claremont. Unfortunately, due to it's semi-creepy name, we avoided going here until early this year. We worked up some courage to go here and were pleasantly surprised to discover that Taco Factory has quite delicious food. I highly recommend the fish tacos.

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water! To be honest the first time we went was because they showed it on The Hills. Lol! I always get the wedge salad and fries, which comes with 3 kinds of fries, garlic parmesan, cajun, sweet potatoe and 5 kinds of homemade ketchup. The truffle fries are also amazing!

El Torito
My mom and I discovered this when she was down here for a convention. We loved it so much that we went two nights in a row. I absolutely love the mexican caesar salad and any of the margaritas. Jenny's mom has treated us to dinner here a few times and she makes us wear the bull hats through dinner.

Delicious frozen yogurt with fresh fruit toppings! A must!

I love the chicken sandwiches, waffle fries and sweet tea!

Mani's: Los Angeles
Jenny's boss introduced her to this quaint little deli near LACMA. She shared her find with Ashlee and I on one of our adventures. Mani's is all organic and has great gluten free food that Jenny can eat. Jenny, Ashlee and I love the high protein salad and it is big enough for all of us to share. Plus, they have delicious desserts!

Stricklands: Irvine, Ca
I am not a huge fan of milkshakes, but Stricklands makes THE BEST milkshakes! Everything is homemade and delicious! My favorite thing to get is a strawberry milkshake!

One other thing I will miss about California is being able to buy alcohol at the grocery stores. It is so convenient.

Our moving countdown had begun! Jenny, Ashlee and I will spend tomorrow and Wednesday packing our pods. Wednesday evening we'll go see Landon Pigg and A Fine Frenzy at House of Blues in Anaheim. Thursday we will do last minute packing and early Friday morning Ashlee, Blizzard, Archie and I will set off for Idaho.

It seems like there is so much left to do before the move! Hopefully I'll find some time to do a couple more posts this week. If not, the next time you'll hear from me, I'll be home in chilly Idaho!

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