Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things I Won't Miss About California

There is much I will miss about California when I move, but here are a few things I will not miss.

Traffic: Traffic can be so dramatic and extreme here. I will not miss getting stuck for hours at a time and having to give myself so much extra time to get from place to place. Plus, drivers here can be so extreme. I'm looking forward to not fearing for my life every time I get on the freeway. I also won't miss ALL the freeways, 5-10-15-57-60-91-101-210-405.

Fires: Not that fires don't occur in other areas of the country, but OMG it seems like I've had to deal with fires every year I have lived here. There were fires close to Concordia when I attended there, so close in fact that for days the sky was hazy orange, the sun glowed red and ash fell from the sky. Last November fires began as Ashlee, Jenny and I made our way home from the beach. It took us over 6 hours and 9 different freeways to get home. Definitely won't miss that.

Earthquakes: I know earthquakes aren't just a California thing, but besides a few small ones in Seattle, I had never been in an earthquake. A bigger earthquake happened at VBS last year while I was doing closing. It was so NOT fun to be in charge of making sure everyone was okay, while trying not to freak out.

No seasons: California just does not do seasons. When I first moved down here, my system had quite the shock. What is with 80-90 degree weather in November and January? That is unheard of in the Pacific Northwest! I will miss being able to tell friends and family that I'm spending Easter on the beach or laying by the pool in February, but I am looking forward to specific seasons. I can't wait for crisp fall air, changing leaves, temperatures below 70 and snow! Bring it on Idaho!

Smog: I can't wait for fresh air! Not that I don't ever get it down here, but the smog is so gross. I hate the days I can't even see the mountains because of the smog. When I moved to Claremont I was invited to join the DCE group up here. They call themselves SMOG for Special Ministers of God and they describe themselves as DCE's of the Inland Empire that get to chew the air we breath. Lol! Somedays that can be very true. Below is a picture taken from Griffith Observatory. When we were up there we could see a nice layer of smog on top of the city. Classy.

The attitude: While living here I have run into some people who live here who think California is the center of the universe. They are people who have been born and raised here and NEVER leave. To these people I say, there is a whole world out there that you are missing out on! Not only that, but I hate the attitude here that says you must have the biggest and best things. Some people here are so wrapped up in material wealth it makes me sick. Again, that is not just a California thing, but it is so prominent in Orange County and Los Angeles.

The cost of living: This is one of the many reasons I am leaving California; I can no longer afford to live here. Everything is so expensive! From rent to groceries to gas to entertainment. I'm broke from living here. I can't wait to get to Idaho where everything is less expensive.

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