Thursday, September 3, 2009

5 Things I Love

I often read Promise Tangeman's blog. Promise is an amazing artist, photographer, designer and fashion junkie. I absolutely love her and I am always inspired by her. Recently she did a post called 5 Things I Love. I am taking a page from her book and doing a post of my own. She said that someone does a list of 10 things EVERY week. I guess that would be one way to count your blessings and be positive. Maybe I'll do this again!

Without further ado, here are my 5:

1. Air1 Radio: This has to be my favorite radio station of all time. Not to knock Christian stations, but sometimes they can be cheesy. Air1 is anything but cheesy. I know that when I listen to it I will always be encouraged and uplifted and I never have to worry about commercials.

2. Tension Tamer Tea: I used to hate tea, but a few years ago I gave it a chance. This is the BEST tea ever! I love having a cup of this before bed to relax.

3. Leggings as pants: My life has come full circle. I used to wear leggings in elementary school. Then I got older and laughed at how silly leggings were and swore never to wear them again. I can't believe that now I wear them whenever I have a chance. They are so comfy and look cute under big shirts.

4. Nylon Magazine: This is probably the only magazine I have had a subscription to besides American Girl when I was little. I love the uniqueness of this magazine. Just reading it makes me feel special, creative and fashionable. Unfortunately due to lack of money I can't renew my subscription. It's going to be a sad year without Nylon.

5. Making lists (Listography): Creating lists makes me feel accomplished and organized. Which is why I love the Listography books. They help me reflect and remember. Plus, some of the topics are just funny.


  1. I had no idea the study of making lists was called listography! Having said that, I love it too!

  2. Actually I don't know if that is what it is officially called, but there are journals called Listography that help you journal your life in list form. You should check them out. They even have a Love Listography journal.