Tuesday, June 16, 2009

is this real life?

I have been unemployed for a little over two weeks now. I don't mind all the free time, but the not having money to pay bills really sucks. Three days before my last day of work, Ashlee, my sister, lost her job. Even though it was unfortunate and uncalled for, the timing was a divine intervention. Ashlee and I were able to leave the Sunday afternoon of my last work day and drive to Las Vegas to meet my parents and then continue on to Utah. They had a trip to St. George planned for weeks and because of the timing of both mine and Ashlee's jobs ending we were able to tag along. It was a nice family vacation and a great way to spend the first week of unemployment. We went to Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and Snow Canyon and enjoyed God's unbelievably, beautiful creation.

That Friday, June 5th, our friend from Seattle, Janelle, came to visit Ashlee, Jenny and I. We had a crazy and surreal weekend! Friday, we went down to the Grove in LA to see Mitchel Musso perform. Yes, I am a 23 year old who can't get enough of Disney Channel shows and Disney kids. The four of us girls were surrounded by a crazy mob of screaming, jumping, dancing tweens. It was awesome! Not only did Mitchel perform, but Debby Ryan and Tiffany Thornton showed up. Then, to finish the show, Miley freaking Cyrus came and performed a song with Mitchel. Never in my life did I ever think I would see Miley perform. To be honest, it is something that I always hoped I would get to see. Haha! I think we were all in shock from all the Disney celebs we saw, well, maybe just me. After the performance, Ashlee and Janelle got there picture taken with a girl on Degrassi, who just happened to be there as well. We waited for Jessie to show up and then went over to Ketchup for dinner. The rest of the night I kept asking, "Did that really happen?"

Saturday we made our way to Balboa Island with a stop at Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Unfortunately, on Balboa we found a cute little shop where EVERYTHING was on sale. We had fun trying things on and buying things we shouldn't have. That evening Jenny and I, well, mostly Jenny, made chicken enchiladas for dinner. And of course, we had to take Janelle to Pinkberry for dessert. Janelle's trip went way to quickly, but we all had so much fun.

This last week was probably the strangest, because it was the first unemployed week spent at home, with nothing to do. You can only look at jobs for so long online each day before your brain turns to mush and your eyes go crossed. It was nice sleeping in and doing things around the apartment I have been meaning to do for awhile.

Saturday, Ashlee, Jenny and I countrified ourselves as best we could and drove to Anaheim, for what would be an amazing night. We started with dinner at Red Lobster, which cost us less than $7 out of pocket, thanks to a gift card. Plus we brought like 10 biscuits home with us! Mmm! Then we drove over to Downtown Disney for a Billy Ray Cyrus concert at the House of Blues. While waiting in line, a stupid, evil bird pooped on my shirt. Luckily one of the employees was nice and quickly showed me where the bathroom was to clean up. When I got back in line, the guy behind us said it was good luck and that Billy Ray would probably kiss me or something. I could only hope. Once we were let in, we quickly found the closest spot to the front that we could. Frank and Derol (Brandi Cyrus, Megan Park and Codi Caraco) opened the show. They did such a great job and had the cutest outfits on! After hearing so much about them, it was fun to hear their music and see them perform. Finally, it was time for Billy Ray Cyrus! And OMG, he is such a rockstar! It was one of the best shows I have been too! Ashlee, Jenny and I danced and sang our little country hearts out. After the show, we waited around and got to meet the girls of Frank and Derol and get a picture with them. They were super sweet girls and I am so glad we had the chance to talk to them.

It really has been the weirdest couple of weeks.

It is finally hitting me that as much as I am enjoying all this free time, I need to pay my bills. I just called five places that I had applied to and either they don't have positions open or have already filled them. It is getting discouraging. I know I have only been at this job hunt for a handfull of weeks now, but I am more than qualified to do any of the jobs I have applied for. I can't even seem to get a retail job, which I would be more than happy to do. Hopefully, I can find something in the next couple weeks to keep me out of debt.

Well, I guess I will go and finish reading a book while I wait for Ashlee and Jenny to finish up their homework. I don't think I wrote this earlier, but the day before Ashlee lost her job, she found out she got into grad school! I am so happy for both my besties as they started their classes this week!

Hopefully by my next post I can tell you about a new awesome job I have.

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