Monday, February 2, 2009

25 random things about me

So I already did this on facebook, but it was fun and I thought of some more.

1. I am terrified of throwing up. I have not thrown up since I was 13 years old and I never want to again. It grosses me out.
2. I have a tattoo. (everything adventurous! 1.31.09) I never, ever, thought I would get a tattoo. Ever.
3. I have my belly button pierced. My dad took me to get it and paid for it. And took pictures.
4. When I was 4 years old I knocked my front teeth in on my dad’s prosthetic leg. How many kids can say that?
5. I hate when people ask if I like being a twin. I’ve been asked it too many times and think it’s a stupid question. Do you like NOT being a twin?
6. I have ten cousins. 8 on my mom’s side. 2 on my dad’s side.
7. I have crocheted an afghan.
8. I have read the Bible cover to cover once. It took me two years.
9. Ashlee, Jenny and I have been mistaken for sisters over 4 times.
10. I love the white conversation hearts the best and always save them for last.
11. I used to be an extreme worrier, but I have been learning to turn my worries into prayer.
12. I have never caught a fish in all the times I went fishing with my family, but I did fall in the lake twice in one evening.
13. For my abnormal psych class in college we visited a prison and talked with 3 murders. It was a heart-wrenching, eye-opening experience that reinforced to me why there has to be a God.
14. I love cooking meals for friends and family. I come from a family of amazing cooks! I can cook roast and strudel by myself.
15. I always paint my toenails. Always. There is rarely a time when they don’t have polish on them.
16. I have 22 pairs of shoes. I just counted. 6 pairs are black. 3 pairs are converses.
17. The only time I have sung by myself, in public was for my voice class recital junior year of college. I sang In My Own Little Corner. I still feel like I don’t know how to sing.
18. I drink too much pop and need to cut back. Pepsi used to be my drink of choice, but ever since I went to Europe I tend to choose Coke over Pepsi.
19. When I was little I used to have a reoccurring dream with a boat in it. One night the dream continued from where it always ended and I never had it again.
20. I cannot whistle, but not for lack of trying.
21. I have two crushes.
22. One of my goals in life is to buy a pair of Manolo Blaniks or Christian Louboutins.
23. I am secretly jealous of people who have found true love and wonder if I will find it.
24. I want to paint a self portrait.
25. I should have gone to bed an hour ago.

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  1. I still can't believe you haven't thrown up since you were 13!!! I must just have a weak stomach!