Thursday, December 18, 2008

this one's for the girls (those single ones)

So this post might not make people happy, but I can't make everyone happy and this is what is in my heart and I need to vent and it's my blog so deal.

I am so extremely frustrated with all the couple-y couples getting married and engaged and being all mushy gushy disgusting.  Forgive me friends if you are in a relationship and are upset by that, but you can't understand where I am at.  I seriously am happy for you, that you've found love and companionship.

EVERYONE and their mother is beginning a relationship, in a relationship, getting engaged, are engaged, planning their weddings, just got married, are on their honeymoon or are celebrating anniversaries.  I am NOT exaggerating.  When you are single, you notice these things.  

Don't get me wrong, being single definitely has it's perks, but being single/alone/whatever makes you wonder, well, makes me wonder if there is something wrong with me.  I know, I know, blah, blah, in time, blah blah, you'll find the perfect person, blah, blah, blah.....  I know all those "right" things to say to rationalize my single-ness and I can spout off all the benefits of being single, but I still long for that someone special to share and experience life with.

I feel like I've been on a roller coaster.  At times I couldn't be happier or more content with my life as a single woman and at other times I wonder what is so wrong with me that not one guy shows any interest in me.  Oh, the emotions we women experience!

I guess for the mean time, I will spout of that list of mine, the benefits of being single, to remind myself of how special each step of life is.  You are only young once, so be young while you are still young.  You have your whole life to be married.  I can do whatever I want and don't have to check in with anyone.  I don't have another person to think about.  I can move around, stay out late, travel and flirt with random guys (not that I take advantage of that last one).  I can party it up with my best girlfriends in Hollywood without worrying how to balance time with a guy.  I won't regret marrying young.

I have a feeling I am going to be single for awhile still.  Probably years actually.  And ultimately I am okay with that.  I just ask you friends in relationships, PLEASE, PLEASE, do not rub it in our single faces.  I know that my day will come and until then I will make the most of this single time.

Until I find that special man worth giving my heart to, my heart belongs to my best girlfriends.  Thank you for sticking by me and listening to me rant about my relationship frustrations, those eharmony commercials and all those facebook relationship status changes and wedding pictures.  I am glad I can share my life with you.  You girls mean the world to me.  This is for you.