Saturday, November 15, 2008

hooray! into the fire.

What a day!
Totally beyond anything I could have imagined!

Jenny and I picked up Blizzard from the vet this morning.  Did I ever say that we got kittens?  Well, Blizzard was spayed and declawed yesterday.  The poor girl is not happy with us.

After we got her all settled and drugged up, Jenny, Ashlee and I drove to Crystal Cove State Park and took a nice 3 mile or so hike.  It was beautiful.  We were able to walk a nice distance along the beach for part of the way.  Once we finished our hike we drove a couple miles back to Corona Del Mar Beach to relax in the sun.  

This is November, right?  

We enjoyed soaking up the sun, climbing around the rocks and taking silly pictures.  Around 1:30 we decided to head back home, little did we know the fires were taking over.  We were literally heading straight towards them.  Needless to say, traffic was horrendous and we had to detour.  Luckily we relied on Jenny's GPS to help with the detour and our sense of humor to deal with the traffic.

We took 1 to 55 to 5 to 57 to 90 to 39 to 60 to 605 to 210 to home.  It took close to 6 hours to get home and I am not exaggerating.  SO RIDICULOUS!  

Although, I would rather it have taken that long than be one of the people who have lost their homes or have to evacuate.  I know a family who's home is less than 3 miles away from the fire.  

It was surreal driving through the crazy smoke and seeing the sky so many colors, with ash falling and the sun burning red.

This is a difficult time for California, so I ask for your prayers.  

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