Wednesday, July 30, 2008

VBS craziness

First day of VBS, my conversation with little 5 year old Andrew.
Andrew hid his arm under the tablecloth.
Me:  Andrew, where is your arm?
Andrew:  Up in heaven with Jesus.
Me:  That is a great answer.  When is it coming back?
Andrew:  Right....NOW!  (he pulls his out from under the tablecloth)

Second day of VBS, during closing, the earthquake hit.  Figures.  I about forgot that I was the one in charge who had to calm everyone down and make sure everyone was okay.  It was quite the shock.

Third day of VBS, talking with the 4 and 5 year olds.
Juan Miguel:  Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. My mom and dad live at the geiko store.
Me:  Do you live with them?
Juan Miguel:  No.
Me:  Where do you live?
Juan Miguel:  In my own apartment with my brother.  I cook and clean.  Then I walk and drive to the geiko store.

Oh.  The afternoon after I posted my last blog, the girls and I decided to drive down to San Diego to see Barcelona play again.  You know, we had nothing better to do.  :)  They were surprised to see us.  We had another great night.  Brian gave me his party hat and Rhett gave Ashlee some rockin' sunglasses.  We met also Matt, from This World Fair.  He is crashing at our place for a couple days.  He cracks me up and has made things at our place interesting.  I think us girls are going to see him play at the Knitting Factory on Friday.  It should be fun.

This has really been the craziest week.  :)

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