Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hollywood Night

I am warning you, this is a LONG post, but I had a great time last night and didn't want to forget a single part of it.

Yesterday afternoon Jenny, Jessie and I took the train to Union Station where we met Ashlee waiting outside to drive us over to West Hollywood.  After a short drive we were cruising down Sunset, pointing out sketchy motels and exquisite shopping.  A parking spot was found near the Viper Room where we would later be spending our evening.  We arrived hours ahead of time because it made the most sense when thinking about travel time and traffic.  

After we parked we all exchanged our flats for heels and began search for food.  As we were walking by the Viper Room we ran into Chris, Brian and Rhett unloading their van for the show.  After hugs and introductions we left the guys to unload and we kept on in our search for a so-called “Sexy Mexican restaurant.”  Little did I know that wasn’t the actual name of it, rather it was called Isla and it was another block away.  We were some of the only customers in there for a while, but it was a fun atmosphere, decent food and crazy conversation.  There is where we decided our new catch phrase is “like a rocket on Monday.”  Don’t ask how we came up with it or the context in which we were talking because none of us can remember.  

After our meal and each of us checking out the cool bathroom we continued our walk down Sunset.  There were so many restaurant and cool shops, as well as so many guys in cars staring, one with his mouth open, or honking as we made our way down the street.  Maybe I should be a little more self confident, but mostly it felt awkward.  After more walking, eyeing beautiful clothes in store and sore feet we found a Peet’s Coffee back near the Viper Room.  We bought freddos, not frappucinos and talked and laughed about life.  Peet’s closed at 8:00 and kicked us out.  So with nothing really to do until the Viper Room doors opened at 8:30 we went and were the first ones in line.  Dorky? Yes, but so worth it.  

While we were sitting/standing by the back door a super sleek and hot black car parallel parked in front of us.  A very cute, red headed woman stepped out of the car.  We all noticed how adorable she was and then noticed how much she looked like Amy Adams…no, that she was Amy Adams.  For those of you who don’t know, she is the woman who played Giselle in Enchanted and Katy on the Office and Susan in Talladega Nights.  She looks around at the parking meters and searches for coins while the four of us debate whether we should talk to her or ask her for a picture or do nothing at all.  We decide that since she is obviously trying to have a normal night on the town maybe a picture would not be the best, but we really couldn’t not say something.  So as she was walking away all I could say was, “Hi.”  Yes, lame I know, but she said, “Hi,” back to us all.  After she walked around the corner I freaked out a bit (hahaha), sent texts to a few people and then Ashlee took a picture of us in front of her car.  

Another fifteen minutes or so later we were let into the Viper Room.  It was kind of awkward being the first ones there, but the waitress came soon and brought us drinks while we waiting another thirty minutes for the first band to play.  The first band was good; we spent a good amount of the time they were on laughing at the girls that were trying to dance to the music.  I know I shouldn’t make fun because I probably just as stupid once Barcelona came on.

Barcelona’s set was next and we were all so excited.  It was so good to see familiar faces and the thought of listening to them play put a smile on my face that did not come off the rest of the night.  Barcelona was amazing, I would even go as far to say that they kicked ass (excuse my language).  I don’t even know how to put in words how great it was to hear them play or what a wonderful job they did.  By then the place was packed, everyone was moving to the music and those who knew the words were singing along.  From Lesser ThingFirst Floor People to Colors to It’s About Time to One, I was in heaven the whole time they were on.  Well, and after too.  

We hung around inside for about ten minutes after they finished playing, giving them time to get all their stuff outside.  Then we make our way out into the ‘refreshing’ LA air.  We hang back for a while waiting for the masses to disperse from the rock stars; we finally make our way over to the guys for sweaty hugs and hellos.  Then we find a storefront ledge to perch on and rest our feet while the guys load up.  

Little did we know we would shortly be making a new friend. Hahaha.  To make a longer story short, we met a guy named Brian randomly who totally cracked us up.  He told funny stories about his great grandfather who was in a circus, his ballerina ex-friend and even told us that his jacket was a woman’s jacket.  Ashlee then proceeded to tell him about the boob darts of his jacket.  We were all cracking up.  Then, to make the evening even crazier, we ran into two other SPU alumni.  Ashlee exchanged numbers with Clark and I talked with Kate who actually grew up in Idaho too.  

Next it was small talk with Rhett, who shared with us their adventure of being banned from Canada, then with Chris, who told us about his crazy schedule.  From there the girls went back to the Viper Room with Rhett and I went to the Cigar shop we were outside of with Chris.  He told me crazy stories of their adventures touring.  Wow.  

Then the some of the girls dragged me back in for my drink and dancing with the guys.  So funny.  The last band was playing and we were sending out our vibe, dancing like there was no tomorrow.  After the band finished we made our way to the center of the room to cure our dancing fever.  Chris had disappeared somewhere, but Ashlee, Jenny, Jessie, Rhett, Brian and I were having blast.  

By this time it was probably after one in the morning.  As much as we didn’t want to go I knew I would be a tired girl in the morning.  I whispered/yelled to Brian and Rhett that we would love to get a picture with them outside and say our goodbyes because we had to get going.  Back outside we found some random person to take our picture.  Unfortunately, some random girl that knew the guys decided she wanted to be in our picture too.  Weird, right?  

After some long hugs and goodbyes, Jessie, Ashlee, Jenny and I took off down the street, still dancing and sending out our vibe.  As we drove out of Hollywood, with the windows down and the music blaring, we were all content with our wonderful Hollywood adventure.  Despite the fact we did not get home until around 2:30 a.m. it was still, like a rocket on Monday.  J

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