Thursday, May 1, 2008

love come down

It has been awhile. Wow. So much is changing and going on it truly is unbelievable. Today was the last day of classes. Finals begin tomorrow. Jenny and Jessie are coming down tonight and we are going to look (and............
::phone call::

I was going to finish that sentence by saying....and hopefully find an apartment this weekend.....
But I was interrupted with a phone call from my Pastor. I emailed him last night about my office. He called to say that they were going to paint it whatever color I would like (light blue) and that I would have a laptop with wireless and a phone. Then I can decorate it however I would like! :)

He also called to say that the Pastor who is living in the parsonage received a call....they don't know if he is going to take it, but if he does the parsonage would be MINE! RENT FREE!!! Pastor Seals says that if he does take it they don't know when he would be moving, but once he was out it would be mine.


Then I called my mom and the first thing she said to me, even before a hello, was "so do you have an apartment?" Haha. Plus, I had a Bible study today about placing your trust completely in God. Oh God, you are a funny one.

There is obviously so much up in the air and I need to be in prayer, but I have faith that God will work out all the details.
Sorry, another phone call. Another good phone call. :)

Now I am really distracted.
Actually I think I am too distracted to write anything more worth reading. Sorry this is incoherent and all over....I guess that just mirrors how I am feeling.

Eight days until home.
One month until I am an intern...with a blue office.

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