Wednesday, May 7, 2008

hugs are the best

So Jenny, Jessie, Ashlee and I have been approved for an apartment in Claremont. It is a super cute, four bedroom, two bathroom, townhouse style place, with a pool on site. Although, it is possible that we will get the parsonage, but I am waiting to hear from my Pastor.

I have two finals left tomorrow afternoon, then will check out first thing Friday morning and fly back to Idaho. I spent most of today packing. Hopefully I will get everything else packed and stored tomorrow morning.

This is it. I don't think it has hit me yet that this is the end of the year. I have been so busy, focused on what is in front of me and just surviving that I have not processed what is happening. I am finishing what I have been diligently working towards all year. This year has flown by and here I am facing internship in less than a month. Not only that, but I am leaving so many great people. If I think too much about it all I might breakdown in tears. So much is happening and so many changes are taking place. It is so much to take in.

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