Sunday, February 17, 2008

take me in your arms, sway me like the sea

I know it's been awhile.
To put it lightly, things have been crazy.
Since I got back from break I feel like I have been going at super speed. I don't think things are going to slow down until April. I have literally put hundreds of miles on my car driving to and from Brea for youth group, church, meetings, and school observations. I hate all the time I waste driving back and forth. I have a theory that driving is a key factor in why my neck, shoulders and back are rock hard and aching all the time.

Ashlee, Megan and Aimee came and visited me the beginning of the month. It was so wonderful to see them and the time went by so fast. Ash went to all my Thursday classes with me and got to meet some of my Concordia friends. Thursday evening Aimee and Megan arrived, so all the girls went to my Friday class with me.

After class I took them up by Good Shepherds Chapel so they could see one of my favorite spots on campus. Then we had to go to In-&-Out for lunch. Afterwards we went to the beach, Little Corona Del Mar. I think the sunshine knew the girls were coming because it was out the whole time they were here. It was spectacular weather! From there we went to South Coast Plaza for some shopping. We spent a good hour in SoCal traffic to get to Downtown Disney for dinner at ESPN Zone, which was worth the wait. After dinner we spent time walking through all the shops and buying some gifts. From there we picked up some drinks from Ralphs and headed back to my room to play Guitar Hero III.

We slept in a bit Saturday, I grabbed us breakfast burritos from the cafeteria and then we were off to Newport. I think Newport beach is my new favorite. (Fun fact: It is the same beach where most of the beach scenes from Arrested Development was shot.) It was so easy to find, we got a good parking spot and it was not overcrowded. We met up with Eric and some of his friends for awhile. Before we knew it my phone alarm was going off to tell us that our parking meter was almost out of time. On our way to the parking lot I saw an ice cream stand, so the four of us pooled what little cash we had and bought Balboa bars. Balboa bars are a must, but very messy. Fortunately, what you drop on the ground is quickly gobbled up by seagulls. From Newport we went to Irvine Spectrum and walked through shops. We ate dinner at Chipotle then drove quickly over to the dollar theater and watched P.S. I Love You. I laughed. I cried. :) Then it was back to my place for popcorn and Bridget Jones.

Sunday we skipped church, stopped at Starbucks for breakfast/lunch and went to Balboa Island to try and find a frozen banana stand like the one in Arrested Development. We didn't find a stand that was shaped like a banana, but we did find two places that sold frozen bananas. Afterwards we went back to Little Corona Del Mar. We spent most of the afternoon soaking up the sun. On the way back to my place we stopped at Albertsons to pick up a frozen pizza for dinner. When we got back to my place the girls packed up their things and we ate before I had to take them to the airport. Wow...that took a long time to write all that. Good job if you read it all. I am so glad the girls came to visit. I really needed to see them and take a break from school work.

Well, because that took a lot longer than I thought it would I better sign off now and go to bed because this is going to be a busy week. Tomorrow I have to study for my two tests on Tuesday, plus write numerous papers/reports and read too many books.

Goodnight from California.

P.S. I had my internship interview last week. I feel pretty good about how it went, but now I have to wait until April 11th until I find out where I will be placed.

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