Tuesday, December 11, 2007

perfect day. [perfect.]

I really need to study. Like, REALLY. I have a final in 4 hours that I asked to take early, but I am not prepared for it. Before I do study I want to take some time to savor the beauty and perfection that yesterday was.


Yesterday was SO wonderful. I wish I had better words to describe it.

I had two finals. For one all I did was fill out a class evaluation and the other I got my test results back and received my final grade. Then I had lunch and went to Starbucks. When I got back Eric came over and we went down to mailing to pick up amazing finals care packages from church, with wonderful notes and everything. At that point I told Eric that the day was only going to get better, and it did.

Around 3:45 Eric, Drew, Chase and I left for LA. 405 to 55 to 5 to 101. Traffic was not any worse than to be expected, but good music and conversation made the drive more enjoyable. We arrived on Hollywood Bowl, made our way to a parking garage under the Knitting Factory and bought our tickets to see Barcelona before venturing out for food. And wouldn't you know, we ran into Brian F and Rhett on our search for food. I am pretty sure I let out a scream when I saw them. Haha. It was SO good to see some familiar faces and get to introduce them to my friends.

From there we walked around searching for a place to eat. I did not know where to look first, my eyes wanted to go everywhere because there was so much to see. Eric put it well when he said he felt like the bugs from Bugs Life when they went to the big city. I kept my head down a lot, looking at the stars on the sidewalk, Chuck Norris, Phil Collins, Hugh M. Hefner, Charles Schultz, Snow White, Big Bird. We settled on dinner at Baja Fresh. The guys ordered HUGE burritos the size of small children and I had a quesadilla. They inhaled the burritos and finished off my quesadilla, plus finished up the chips, ordered churros and aztec cookies. Haha. I couldn't believe their appetites!

After a leisurely dinner and some hilarious conversations that at points pushed the envelope, we decided to walk around because Barcelona was not going on until 9:00. We saw more stars on the sidewalk, walked past some interesting stores and eventually ended up in a cheap tourist-y store. We found posters/pictures and cardboard cutouts of movie stars. The posters were actually quite awesome and Eric ended up buying 4 of them. Two for him, one for his sister and one for me. Mine is Hannah Montana. :)

Then we headed back to the Knitting Factory to see Barcelona play. On the way back as we were walking we were pointing out stores and all of a sudden, up ahead I saw a short person dressed up as Chucky. I could not tell if it was real, but I grabbed Eric arm and tried to inconspicuously tell him what I saw. I guess Chucky sensed my nervousness because as we passed him, he started walking toward us. I screamed and grabbed onto Eric a little tighter while Eric, Drew and Chase, as well as everyone else walking around laughed at me. I have to admit, although Chucky was incredibly creepy it was quite funny.

I ran into Chris once we got back to the Knitting Factory, we talked for a bit and I introduced him to the guys. We found a cozy place to sit while we watched another band perform and waited for Barcelona to go on. Once it looked like they were set up, there was no way we could sit, so we moved to the front because unlike the shows they play in Seattle this one was fairly small. Drew pointed out that he thought we were the only ones there who actually knew the words to their songs. I think he was right. Brian F, Chris and Rhett started playing and I was in heaven. I could not hold still or not sing along. Every song was incredible; it was hard to take it all in. I did not want the night to end. Chase, Drew, Eric and I all had wished they would have played Colors and I wanted them to play Rich Girl, but they did play a new song which was fantastic.

Their set ended and we headed to the back to hang around, look at the merchandise and say goodbye before we left. I did not get to see Rhett again, but I did get to tell Brian and Chris how great the show was. Drew, Eric and I bought super awesome black shirts and Chase bought a yellow one. We made a pact, if you will, to all wear them today and meet in the caf at 11:00 for lunch. Apparently Barcelona will be back in February and we are all going to go back to see them play again.

The drive back was about a million times faster, but it was fun listening and singing along to Colors, I'm From Barcelona, Jeff Buckley and Imogen Heap. Drew did great on getting us back to campus close to 11:15; that was his goal anyway.

As I walked back to my room I could not stop smiling because I am fairly certain that I just experienced the perfect day. And who would have thought that perfect day would have been the Monday of finals week? I hope it is a sign of how wonderful the rest of the week will be.

Okay. I would love to write more, but I REALLY need to study now.

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  1. I'm glad you had so much fun but I'm seriously jealous.
    Good luck with your test.