Saturday, November 10, 2007

prepare ye the way of the lord

I saw Godspell for the second time last night. The Concordia Theatre put it on. Eric was John the Baptist and Judas. He, along with everyone else did an excellent job. I wish I could see it a dozen more times. Unfortunately tomorrow is the last show and it's sold out. I loved seeing the stories acted out that I've heard and read many times in such a fun and creative way. There was lots of laughing and I have to admit, some tears too. It was quite wonderful.

So, really bad...I bought seasons 1 & 2 of The Office and now I can't stop watching it. I guess it's good that things are starting to slow down a little. I am excited because I get to go home Friday afternoon for Thanksgiving break! Woo! I haven't been home in about 6 months, so I can't wait! There is something special about home and family.

Okay, so this post is becoming pointless. I'm having a hard time focusing because I put in The Office.

More later.

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