Wednesday, November 28, 2007

keep looking up on past the birds

I'm feeling better today. I still have a lot to accomplish before break, but I feel organized and prepared for what is to come. It is amazing how much a step back can put the situation in a new perspective.

Fifteen days until I am home again.
I cannot wait.
As much as I do want to be home I do not want to rush through these fifteen days.

Tomorrow I have 2 Christmas things to go to.
Friday I get to lead the junior high devotion.
Mix in a roommate Christmas thing in there.
And a day of baking with Eric.
Next Sunday I get to lead the senior high Sunday school class.
The Monday of finals week I am going to see my Seattle boys, Barcelona, play in LA.
And hopefully I can take my New Testament final early so I can spend that Thursday at Disneyland instead.
And just maybe I can find some time in there to go to the beach.

When I look at it that way, these fifteen days shouldn't be half bad.

Plus I have Christmas music, an Ingrid Michaelson CD, a Spice Girls CD and a Starbucks gift card to carry me through studying for finals.

Things are looking up.
Plus I only have one Christmas present left to buy and a few cards to write.

I hope your day is looking up too.

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