Monday, November 12, 2007

i laugh the most in my doctrine class

Doctrine has easily become my favorite class. These are some random quotes from my doctrine professor that I wanted to share.

"We're all frickin Lutherans."

Advice Rossow's dad gave him:
When he left for college: "Keep your zipper up."
When he got married: "Get married and stay married."
When he became a pastor: "Preach well and don't be a jerk."

"My greatest fear is when we combine the greeting with a holy kiss, with the gift of tongues."

"I facilitated you into the world. Respect me."

After a tangent:
"...back to marriage. That's a lot simplier......NOT!"

I found out in class today that Professor Rossow and I have the same confirmation verse. He said that sometimes he likes to give his favorite student his confirmation verse. He also said that sometimes for an ornery student he would like to combine two verses:
"He breathed his go and do likewise."

These are just a few of the funny things that I have heard in my class. I do not think I have gone to one doctrine class and not laughed. I love it because Professor Rossow makes the topics interesting and always has some funny commentary.

Oh, and just another random quote from my Polity professor (Seltz) that I'll leave you with to think about:
"Christ really stuck forgiveness up your nose."

Okay...time to finish watching the Seahawks game. Homework is just going to have to wait.

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