Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i can't spell it out for you

Sometimes I wonder if I have unrealistic expectations about love and romance.

I want someone to pursue me and put in the effort. I want someone who longs to see me and thinks about me when I am not around. I want someone who complements my personality and inspires me to be the best I can. I want someone who desires our relationship to be centered in Christ. I want someone who I can laugh and cry and grow with.

Does that seem out of reach? Lately, it feels like it.

And it is causing me to feel like something is wrong with me. I feel like too much and not enough all at once. Silly girl.

I have been told more than once that this is not the place I should be looking for a guy. Then could someone please tell me where that place is?

In looking at the bigger picture I realize that my “single time” will probably be a small portion of my whole life; I cannot help but long for a companion to share my life with right now.

Just the thoughts of a single girl, alone in California and avoiding homework. <3

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  1. ...just the thoughts of a single girl, alone in seattle, avoiding everything. <3 ash