Friday, August 24, 2007

you were always right there next to beside me

I have been here less than a week-classes started yesterday and God has already put people in my life to show me that this is where I am supposed to be. Yesterday I had the chance to finally hang out with my roommates and I know already that we're going to be perfect together; we are all easy going. Last night I was going to meet Eric at Shout (the Thursday evening worship-sort of like group), but I couldn't find him so I sat alone. I felt a little bummed, but the talk was about how we are the body of Christ and the importance of living in community and growing with one another. It made me feel not quite so alone then. Plus, there were sign-ups outside to join small groups. The women's version is called the Beloved. I hope that will be a way to get to know other students and grow closer to God. After Shout I found Eric we joined some of his friends to finish watching Apocalypto. I found out that both the girls were in my Intro to DCE class this morning and one was in my New Testament class yesterday. Also, tonight there is a dinner for new DCE students at a professors house and Sunday afternoon there is a BBQ for all DCE students. Well today is filled with three more classes for me, so I should probably make the most of this little free time I have.

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