Friday, August 31, 2007

the book of concord is my best friend

If I thought senior year of college was busy, it is nothing compared to what this year is going to be for me. I am taking 17 credits, equaling 7 classes, one of which is my field work class. I have been placed at Christ Lutheran in Brea to do my field work for the year. That involved 6-8 hours a week of participation in the church. For now I will mostly observe, but soon I will start leading and teaching different things. I'm already scheduled to give a children's sermon. Intimidating I know! I asked to be involved in the women's ministry and might do a bigger project with them for the spring. I think I'm also going to get involved with the young adult ministry and possibly team teach Sunday school for elementary kids.

I met with my mentor at the church this morning, her name is Michelle and she is going to be great to work with. We are both ISFJ's, which made me smile. I really like the church too, but it's quite the maze to figure out. When I went last Sunday everyone was so friendly, it made my nervousness subside a little. Christ Lutheran has a DCE Intern which is what I will be next year. Her name is Candace is she is the most cheerful and friendly person I think I have ever met. EVER. I am looking forward to learning from her.

One down side of my field work church is the distance. It is about 25 miles away...not bad, but heavy traffic makes it killer. I was told to give myself 20-30 minutes to get there. I gave myself 45 and was still 5 minutes late to my meeting. Then it took another 40 to get back. Boo! I don't want to be living out of my car this year and spending all my time driving. It doesn't seem productive. I guess the plus side is they are going to give me money for gas.

Sorry if that sounded whiny. I am grateful that I have a great congregation to work with and that I didn't get lost driving there. It really freaked me out driving all alone in a strange place where I am not familiar with anything. I suppose in time I will figure this area out.

It feels weird to be here, like I am in a dream. This does not feel real. I am one step closer to a full time career in ministry. This is where the culmination of all my hard work and my trust in God has led me. This is my life. I just wish I would stop thinking that my life is going to start once I have the title. My life is here. It is now. And I am in ministry now whether I am ready for it or not.

Goodnight from (too) warm California.

I'm going to go to Disneyland either Sunday or Monday with my roommate Kathi and another DCE student Cassie. Yay!

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